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"By implementing the sustainable practices I learned about through the SFP program, my company has reduced operating costs by nearly US$100,000 this year alone. When you have this kind of ROI, it's easy to get project approval."
-Jay Drew, SFP, Facility Project Manager, Connecticut General Assembly, Office of Legislature Management

"I found this course to be very informative. It offered current, relevant information to assist facility managers, asset managers, property managers and anyone else with interest in a more sustainable way of living with real tools for implementation."
-Jamie Endres, McKinney Advisory Group, San Diego, CA

"The SFP Credential Program was very valuable to me because I have many ideas for my organization on promoting sustainability. I want to show the leadership how valuable a facility manager can be to helping them to obtain sustainability program in support to their Triple Bottom Line. Also, it would help them to learn more of the capabilities of their facility management team. My organization invested in me by allowing me to complete the program and I want give them a return on their investment."
-Byron Edwards, SFP

"The material in the SFP courses is relevant, timely and applicable to my daily operations in the FM profession. I gained additional information and insight into both new and familiar areas. My course books, which are now well used, flagged and hi-lighted, will sit on my desk for reference and consultation."
-Serena Pancoast, CFM, SFP, Supervisor, General Services

"The SFP is so practical and comprehensive. The last stage needs a lot of commitment and practical knowledge to pass. It is worthy training for all FM practitioners."
- Benedict Alabi, Group President/CEO, Eliezer Workplace Management Limited

 "I've already achieved the LEED Green Associate. I wanted to learn more about sustainability that wasn’t tied to a points rating system so if we had a building that wasn’t LEED certified, we could maintain it in a sustainable way. The SFP program enhanced my sustainability knowledge and provided a global perspective. Acquiring the SFP helped me gain new knowledge that I can now transfer to my employees and employer to advance our growing sustainability efforts."
-William Broome, CFM, SFP, Director of Facilities, The Westminster Schools

"The SFP filled in a lot of blanks for me. A lot of managers understand the operations side of sustainability, but not the managing, strategy, and planning side."
-Sharon Jaye, SFP

"The SFP helped me customize sustainability solutions for our facilities. It doesn’t matter where you’re at in your career, the SFP is definitely something that everyone should go through."
-Vic Reese, FMP, CFM, SFP

"I attended the SFP coursework through IFMA at the last conference. It was extremely beneficial to hear the experiences of other business associates and I took back practical applications from them to begin implementation of a base program right away. It was even more important in my hectic environment that I be able to complete the final assessments online, studying and preparing at my own pace. Thank you for establishing this type of online program."
-Glenda Oxendine, FMP

Steve-Joesten“I manage facility operations for Infinera, a small vertically integrated manufacturer of optical networking equipment.  Like many other organizations, our executive management team is looking to become more sustainable as more and more customers are asking about it. I was challenged to find green solutions where we could be cost neutral. The SFP has given me the groundwork to develop the sustainability program beyond just the facility operations area and into the entire organization. Sustainability is the road to efficiency and the road to cost effective organizations. It’s a good thing for the environment, engaging for employees, and will make a big impact on energy use, which is a huge part of an organization’s costs. If customers aren’t already asking for sustainability, they will be.” (Steve Joesten, CFM, CFMJ, SFP, Sr. Director, Global Site Services & Facilities, Infinera)

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