Become a leader in developing sustainable FM strategies

Sustainability Facility Professional®

nullIFMA’s SFP® is an assessment-based certificate program delivering a specialty credential in sustainability. By earning your SFP credential, you will develop and gain recognition for your expertise in sustainable FM practices while impacting your organization's economic, environmental and social bottom lines. Watch a short video about how the SFP can help you.

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SFP Success Stories

The SFP credential has helped your peers increase their sustainability knowledge and develop the skills they need to implement significant sustainable solutions. View the SFP Success Stories to find out more.

How do I earn the SFP?

SFP Books Laptop MenuThe IFMA SFP Credential Program® is the only tool you’ll need to earn your SFP credential in one complete program. This interactive program will teach the knowledge, skills and tools needed to develop sustainable facility management practices and also includes the final SFP assessments required to earn the SFP credential. 

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