What do FMPs have to say about the credential?


Melissa Hopkins WUSM"Washington University School of Medicine helped 79 staff members attain the FMP in less than three months. The FMP training provided our team and select partners with a common understanding of the complexity of the organization and each other’s roles. It also helped break down past barriers, encourage and align natural collaborations and create a sustainable culture that can be further developed and shaped."
—Melissa Hopkins, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Assistant Dean of Facilities, Washington University School of Medicine.
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Dorine Thompson BlackRock“I earned the FMP credential after 10 years in facility management. This training has increased my knowledge base and my level of confidence, giving me the ability to work smarter and become a greater asset to my organization. The FMP credential is a great accomplishment and something I believe everyone in facility management should pursue.”
—Dorine E. Thompson, FMP, Vice President, BlackRock – San Francisco



University of Houston FMP Success Story"When you know where you fit in the value chain, and you know what’s happening upstream and downstream, you find better and faster ways of working together. In the past, we were on a number of individual roads, all going different directions. Now we’re on a wide highway going the same direction."
—Sameer Kapileshwari, FMP, SFP, Interim Executive Director,Facilities Management, University of Houston.
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 “This was a very educational course for me as I have always expressed an interest in finance and business, yet never really took the time to learn and understand it. Our study group facilitator Leo Somma was professional, encouraging, and very knowledgeable of the material. I would highly recommend this course to others.”
—Tom Legere, FMP, Material Coordinator-North Complex, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY


“With almost 15 years of experience in equipment operations/ maintenance and construction projects, I thought I was already an expert in facility management. I was wrong. The IFMA FMP Credential Program courses have provided me with tons of information - from procedures, processes, evaluations, cost and people management, finance, and a lot more. I now have various new tools to help me manage my work better and smarter.”
—Efren Garcia, FMP, Facilities Supervisor, InterContinental Hotels Group, Baguio City, Philippines


 “The FMP Credential Program made me rethink and relearn the things I thought I already knew. This has given me a completely new perspective that I would not have had I not participated in the IFMA FMP Credential Program.”
—Brian Flaig, FMP, Facilities Manager, Community 1st Credit Union


“The entire FMP course has been very enlightening. I feel like it has set me apart from my fellow tradesmen that lack this training. It has reassured me of all the things I have practically learned over the years and made me more confident to interact with my peers and clients.”
—Charles Gichuru


“The quality and relevance of the course material is excellent. The course content, layout and real world application is very good and very pertinent to the work I perform every day. This course is very powerful for this profession, as it is a great overview of many different aspects of FM. Thank you to all the people who dedicated their time consolidating the materials.”
—Jaret Leah, CFM, FMP, North Property Supervisor, Facility Operations, Facility Management, The City of Calgary


“The FMP is a very valuable credential. It covers all of the key components that you really need to become a successful FM. If you’re new to the industry especially, or if you’ve been in FM for 20 years and haven’t had broad exposure, the FMP introduces new concepts and ideas. It opens people’s minds and prepares them to move on to the CFM or SFP."
- John Rimer, CFM, FM360 Consulting, FMP Instructor, Boise, ID


“The FMP gives credibility and opens a lot of doors in terms of your career. It also gave me a baseline for pursuing the CFM. The FMP is a good credential and very worth getting. It doesn’t take a whole lot of time but it’s a challenging program nonetheless.”
—Daniel Huthwaite, FMP, CFM, Rockwell Collins – Simulation & Training Solutions, Washington, DC


"I transitioned from Logistics to Facilities Management within the last year and this course is tailor-made for someone in my situation, and it lives up to its expectation. It encompasses broad and deep insight into all of the many different aspects of FM. It is an invaluable complement to my on-the-job education. Along the way, I have been able to apply the material and use the books as great reference tools as well."
—Michael Phelan, IBM CHQ, CFP, RESO - Poughkeepsie, Ny., USA


“I love the IFMA FMP Credential Program. It’s a fantastic way to learn especially for people working, who do not have enough time to always study continuously. It has a unique flexibility and a great method of teaching.”
—Mohammed Gujbawu, FMP, Facilty Officer, Federal Inland Revenue Service, Nigeria


"As Director of Facility Services, it is my responsibility to ensure that best practices and competent staff are employed at all levels. As we develop our staff and succession planning, the FMP and CFM credentials will become mandatory qualifications to be considered for a leadership role. IFMA credentials are the best way to guarantee your future as a successful facility professional!"
—Burt Kaplan, FMP, Director of Facility Services, Project HOPE


“Earning my FMP has been a WIN-WIN! Not only has it expanded my facility knowledge base and provided me with excellent resources to fall back on, it also has given me the confidence to make important facility decisions for my company."
—Valerie Chavis-Kosko, FMP, Facilities Coordinator, Millennium Inorganic Chemicals, A Cristal Co., Hunt Valley, Md., USA


“I recommend the FMP program to everyone that considers themselves a facility professional. The FMP credential helps professionals better understand and apply the core elements of the various FM disciplines, challenges their decision-making skills and sets the stage for the CFM credential. I feel stronger in my knowledge base knowing I passed the rigorous FMP online self-study program.”
—Brian Rush, CFM, FMP


"I recently graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Facility and Property Management. The FMP Credential Program was a great review of the things I learned while at BYU, and was also a great way for me to learn more about the best practices to use as an FM professional."
—Sam Fisher


“Excellent course and instructor. I’ve waited for years to have a local IFMA chapter and to take these courses. Although difficult, these courses will help me become a better facilities manager and overall employee. Having a local IFMA chapter and their worldwide network of vast resources helps me stay in tune with the industry.”
—Craig Thomas, Sr. Manager, Office Facilities – West, Supervalu, Inc.