Course Topics

The IFMA FM Learning System teaches and assesses your comprehension of the 11 competency areas that comprise the facility management body of knowledge, the basis of the CFM Exam. View table of contents.null

The following is an overview of topics presented in the Learning System.


  • Communication Fundamentals
  • Business Communications That Achieve Results
  • Stakeholder Expectations and Facility Management Communication Plans

    Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity

    • An Overview of Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity
    • Manage Risk
    • Develop Plans
    • Train, Test and Drill
    • Respond, Recover and Learn
    • Evaluate and Revise Plans

      Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability

      • Sustainable Facility Management
      • Aligning Organization Strategy with Sustainability
      • Measuring and Reporting Sustainability
      • Focus Areas for Sustainable Facility Management (Input)
      • Focus Areas for Sustainable Facility Management (Processes)
      • Focus Areas for Sustainable Facility Management (Output)

        Finance and Business

        • Finance and Business in the Facility Organization
        • Financial Management of the Facility Organization
        • Procurement in the Facility Organization
        • Contracts in the Facility Organization

          Human Factors

          • The Human Factor in the Workplace
          • Creating a Healthful, Productive Workplace
          • Creating a Safe and Secure Workplace
          • Employee Development
          • Performance Appraisal
          • Managing for Diversity

            Leadership and Strategy

            • Plan Strategically
            • Lead and Manage the Facility Organization
            • Provide Leadership to the Entire Organization

              Operations and Maintenance

              • Introduction to Operations and Maintenance
              • Assess Facility Needs
              • Manage/Oversee Operations and Maintenance of Building, Systems and Equipment
              • Manage/Oversee Occupant Services
              • Select the Best Resources
              • Measure Operations and Maintenance Performance

                Project Management

                • Introduction to Project Management
                • Define Projects
                • Plan Projects
                • Manage and Oversee Projects
                • Close Projects


                  • Fundamentals in Quality Facility Management
                  • Quality Measures for the Facility Organization
                  • Quality Assessment of Facility Management Services
                  • Improvement of Facility Management Work Processes
                  • Compliance with Codes, Regulations, Policies and Standards

                    Real Estate and Property Management

                    • Real Estate and Property Management Fundamentals
                    • Develop and Implement a Real Estate Master Plan
                    • Manage Real Estate Assets
                    • Acquisition and Divestiture of Real Estate


                      • Strategic Alignment of Facility Technology
                      • Control and Integration Systems
                      • Emerging and Evolving Facility Technology
                      • Communication Technology
                      • Workplace Technology
                      • Implementing Technology Projects

                        The IFMA FM Learning System is intended to cover the facility management body of knowledge which forms the factual base of the CFM Exam. As a competency-based certification exam, the CFM Exam tests the ability to apply the skills gained through a combination of facility management experience and education to that knowledge base. IFMA makes no warranty that use of the Learning System guarantees passage of the CFM Exam. No coursework is required to sit for the CFM Exam.