Online CFM Practice Exam

IFMA CFM® Practice Exam

Get prepared for IFMA’s CFM Exam

Candidates preparing for IFMA’s CFM Exam may opt to take this 108-question practice exam. The CFM practice exam is intended to give candidates a taste of what to expect in terms of the type of questions and the experience of taking a timed computer-based exam. That’s it. The 60% “passing” score on the practice exam has no relationship to the passing score on the actual exam which, as you know, is not disclosed. Your performance on this practice exam is in no way a predictor of how you will do on the actual CFM Exam.

About the Practice Exam

IFMA’s practice exam has nine sections that represent IFMA’s nine core competencies. Each competency will have 12 questions. The practice exam questions appear in random order by competency. Candidates must answer all 108 questions in one sitting. Once all questions have been submitted, candidates may not go back. Candidates will immediately get the final results to the practice exam. Results will show test results and scores by competencies. No answers are given to the questions in the final results.

Candidates may not print the practice exam. The practice exam is set for two attempts to pass. If you are unsuccessful on your first attempt, you will have one more chance to pass.


Pricing: US$80.00 (members) | US$160.00 (nonmembers)


I’m ready. Where can I take it?

The CFM Practice Exam is located in the FM Knowledge Center.

The intent of this CFM Practice Exam tool is only for the purpose of understanding a competency-based and a timed computer-based exam. This is only meant as a tool and should not lead to assumptions as to how one may or may not due on the final exam.