Why is recertification important?

Recertification through continued study or participation in industry sponsored events demonstrates that designees are using the knowledge and skills represented by the certification. By using the designation you are promoting your high level of experience and knowledge. If no program were in place to keep up with the dynamic changes in facility management, then the power and prestige of the designation would be diminished.  The CFM is a constant reflection of your expertise and professionalism; thus, worth maintaining.

About IFMA's recertification

Certification is valid for three years.  A list of point-earning activities in each of these areas is sent to each new CFM. To maintain the CFM credential, a list of the activities performed along with the appropriate supporting documentation including a processing fee must be submitted to IFMA credentialing department. CFMs are required to earn 120 maintenance points in at least two of the following four categories:

I. Practice
II. Continuing education
III. Professional involvement
IV. Development of the profession

Processing fees

US$290.00 (member) / US$365.00 (nonmember)

What is the recertification process?

The CFM Recertification Form is accessible through IFMA's new Credential Application and Maintenance Program (CAMP).

Through this program, you will:

  • Submit IFMA credential applications;
  • Review IFMA credential requirements;
  • Submit payment for IFMA credential applications;
  • Review your credential status;
  • Update your personal information;
  • Review and update your CFM Maintenance Points;
  • Review your credential and exam history;
  • Review history and print receipts.


Note: To access CAMP, you will need to log into your credential record using your membership username and password. If you need help with your username and/or password, please contact IFMA at +1-713-623-4362 or by email at


  • To access the IFMA CFM Recertification Form click here
  •  After logging in, from the left menu > under Credentials > Applications and Forms > choose CFM Recertification Form. You can print the Certification Maintenance Worksheet, for use in preparing your online CFM Recertification Form for submission.
  • Once your CFM Recertification Form has been submitted, you will see the CFM Recertification Payment Form, also under Applications and Forms. You will need to complete, submit, and confirm the payment form. 
  • IFMA will review your maintenance form and you will be notified of the outcome by email. You should allow approximately 30 days for processing and receipt of your recertification certificate packet.

What if my CFM designation is expired?

After your official CFM expiration date, there is a three-month grace period in which you may renew without penalty. If a recertification package is received anywhere from three months and one day to six months after the expiration date, it will also need to include a late fee of US$100.00. The rules of the International Credentials Commission mandate that anyone who goes more than six months past their expiration date without renewing their CFM will lose it and must retake the CFM Exam in order to regain it.

Reminder notices are sent out as a courtesy; it is each CFM’s professional obligation to renew their CFM in a timely manner. It is also their responsibility to ensure that their address record is kept current.

What is the Retired CFM (RCFM) program?

A Retired CFM category has been established for CFMs who have retired or who have otherwise left the profession and want to indicate past certification. There are no age or renewal requirements for RCFM, however you must apply no more than 6 months past the expiration date of your most recent recertification period. The RCFM application form is available through IFMA's new  CAMP system. For more details about RCFM, click here.

Recertification Resources & Links

CFM Maintenance Program CAMP Access Instructions and Worksheet (pdf)

Recertification Program Activities and Points (pdf)

Retired CFM (RCFM) Program (pdf)

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