CFM Exam Fees & Details

Exam Application and Fees

There is one fee that covers the CFM Exam application and testing fee. See below for testing retake and rescheduling fees.

Application Fees: US$550.00 (member) / US$815.00 (nonmember)

Retake Application Fees: US$265.00 (member) / US$365.00 (nonmember)

GSA logo  If you are eligible for GSA pricing, the cost of the exam is US$529.49


If you will be seeking reimbursement for the CFM Exam through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) under the G.I. Bill, click here for more details and instructions.


For more information on the application process, visit CFM Application & Exam Process.




Details about the CFM Exam

Allotted time
Appointments are scheduled for 5 hours in order to provide ample time to take the tutorial, etc., but when the actual test begins, the timer will count down from 4 hours. There will be no scheduled breaks. Fifteen minutes have been added to the 3.75-hour testing period to allow examinees to take “bio breaks” as needed. Please note that the timer will continue to run.

Test structure
The CFM Exam consists of 180 multiple-choice questions delivered in random order. There are no pre-set sections. Passing score is based on the total number of correct answers. Candidates may mark questions they wish to skip and return to later. In addition, at the end of the exam candidates will be alerted to any questions which have not been answered fully. If time allows, they’ll have the opportunity to return to complete those questions.

Single response questions
The test is composed of multiple-choice questions. All questions have a single answer.

All exhibits depict a single item or symbol. There are no large drawings such as floor plans. However, in some cases, examinees will still need to scroll to the limits of the exhibit window in order to be sure they have seen the entire drawing. If the exhibit does not appear, please click inside the window area.

There will be no calculator needed or allowed for the exam. Candidates will be provided with scratch paper and pencil.

No glossary or other written material may be taken into the examination area.


Application Approval, Test Timing and Locations

After submitting your application and payment online, the approval process can take up to 21 days. After an application is approved, candidates have 90 days to sit for the exam. Steps on scheduling an exam with Prometric will be sent via e-mail with the approval notice.

Click here to see the Prometric locations.


Retaking the CFM Exam

Individuals who have taken the CFM Exam but have not passed it within 12 months are eligible to retake the CFM Exam. If you are ready to retake the exam, please proceed to the IFMA Credential Application and Maintenance Program (CAMP) found at Submit the IFMA CFM Re-take Application.

To find the application in CAMP: login > go to Credentials the left menu > Applications and Forms > CFM Exam Re-take Application. All other applicants should complete the standard application.

Retake Application Fees: US$265.00 (member) / US$365.00 (nonmember)


Rescheduling/Canceling a CFM Exam appointment with Prometric

If you need to reschedule or cancel your exam date, you must notify Prometric (not IFMA).

Prometric's policy for Cancellation, Rescheduling, No Show or Late Arrival for Scheduled Test:
For each candidate who reschedules, cancels, arrives late or does not appear for a scheduled test during the Cancellation/Reschedule Period set forth below, Prometric shall be entitled to the following Cancellation/Rescheduling Fees for such candidate:

Category Cancellation/Reschedule Period Fee
1 31 days or more No charge
2 5 to 30 calendar days prior to test $40 fee collected by Prometric
3 a) less than 5 days before test date,
b) fails to appear for a scheduled test,
c) presents himself/herself more than fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled start time for taking the test and is refused admission
The full Test Delivery Fee for the cancelled/rescheduled test

Within the United States and Canada, candidates must make and confirm all cancellations/changes through direct contact with Prometric Testing Center personnel or if available for the program, through the Prometric Website or IVR system. Leaving a message on a recorder or a voice mail is not sufficient to confirm cancellation/change. Outside of the United States and Canada, candidates must make and confirm all cancellations/changes via the Prometric Website or by direct contact with the Prometric Testing Center.